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Create Light Shows with Custom Exterior LED Strip Lighting

Are you tired of climbing an icy ladder every Christmas season? Sick of untangling strings of incandescent lights and replacing burnt-out bulbs? Fed up with taking the whole display down in January, only a month since installing it all in December? Fortunately for you, decorating for Christmas is now a whole lot easier! Have the professionals install custom exterior LED strip lighting, and your next holiday display can be as simple as making some choices on an app on your smartphone.
LED strip lighting is cost-effective and extremely durable. With a huge range of colours and patterns available, you can have the most hassle-free and beautiful light show in the neighbourhood. And LED strip lights can also be used throughout the year to highlight the architecture of your home, or to celebrate other occasions. Professional installers who understand the drastically different Canadian seasons can help create a striking look for your home. Contact a specialist today and order your custom exterior LED strip lighting!
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Many homeowners love to show their Christmas spirit by creating a holiday light show. And, in the dark days of December, we all love to see colourful lights twinkling in the neighbourhood. But installing lights can be dangerous. Often people are climbing ladders in icy weather conditions, or with cold-stiffened fingers. Every year, emergency rooms across the country admit patients who have fallen while putting up or taking down Christmas lights.


Create a Light Show Using Your Smartphone

Fortunately, there is a better way to create a beautiful light show – at Christmas time, or throughout the year. By having professionals install durable and cost-effective custom exterior LED strip lighting, you will be giving yourself a holiday gift: next Christmas, you will be able to decorate by making a few choices on a smartphone app. This app makes it both convenient and safe to celebrate any holiday throughout the year, particularly Christmas!


Year-Round Lighting Effects

In addition, you can use the lighting throughout the year to show support for your favourite teams, or to highlight your home’s architecture. The possibilities are endless!